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Our Immediate Objectives

We must destroy the power of the plutocracy and guarantee that they never gain a stranglehold on our democracy again. The essence of all politics is the distribution of money and power (they are inseparable). Because they are inseparable democracy can prevail only if our economic system is changed. Since the beginning of history power has been held by the few while the product of our mutual economic efforts has gone to the owners of property rather than those whose labor created that product. So democracy requires that economic rewards are based on what people do to support our prosperity rather than what they own. It requires not only a society of informed citizens, but a society of productive workers.

  • Take Our Democracy Off the Money Market and Put It Back On the Idea Market. Much has been said and written about campaign finance reform. Unfortunately, the cynics who say that reform will never work because the money will always find its way into the process are probably right. The problem is not fundamentally that there is too much money in politics; it is that elections are for sale in the first place. So anyone wanting to be elected needs money. Lots of it. Since you don't want the other guy to outspend you, the whole thing escalates. The deepest pockets win; democracy loses. If you want to save our democracy, that must be changed. We talk about that elsewhere, but nothing else is more important. If you have already read about that, it is worth reviewing; if you have not, it is essential information. Check it out here.

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