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Princples of a Sane Economic System

Sane Economics.

We have evolved an economic system that privileges the trolls over the elves. The system treats owners as principles and workers as, essentially, their servants. It evolved that way because the owners were always the people with power, and we have come to think of the present arrangement as inevitable. It is not. Most economic discussions assume those conditions as necessary. We need to devise a saner system. That is why we have had to go to the roots of economic reality.

A sane and democratic economic system will have to take into consideration two essential facts:

Principles of Reform. So what basic principles are needed in a system that aims at something approximating fairness and justice given what we know about the nature of economic organization?

In sum, this means essentially that our economic system should be designed to favor the elves and to discourage the trolls and gambling gremlins. That is precisely the opposite of the way the present system operates. This is an utterly revolutionary concept, and you can be sure that the trolls and gremlins will fight it with everything they have. So it is vital to keep in mind this essential truth: no matter what they claim, the trolls and gremlins are unproductive parasites. We are simply trying to create a system that encourages everyone to be productive and discourages all parasites.

How To Do It? So how do we go about it? First, as revolutionary as this idea is, it is not really new. Previous attempts to create a worker's society have failed. We must avoid the mistakes of the past.

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